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Who we are?

Finot Tour Ethiopia is one of the youngest and well organized, highly effective and privately owned tour operators in Ethiopia. Finot Tour Ethiopia has been giving high quality services in the tourism sector. The company is established with the aim of providing efficient and professional services for its Clients. All our programs are designed to the interest of the individual traveler; be it History, Culture, Nature, Paleo-anthropology, Flora & Fauna, Safari, and/or Adventure tours. Our company ensures that you get your tour experience the way which you want.We are represented on 

Why our company is called Finot?

The name of our company Finot has been derived from the “Gezee”, which means the road to achieve something. These are found in Ethiopia’s selection of inspiring National Parks as well as Ethiopia’s Christian and Muslim historical hubs where pilgrims and believers have gathered to pray to their creators for centuries. These wonders of course include the unknown history of the human race Lucy’s birthplace where science has pinpointed man’s first steps.

Finot Tour Ethiopia combines our instinctive travel expertise with client comforts to create an unforgettable African experience in the heart of one of the world’s most alluring destinations. As you navigate our website, you will see ideas for tour groups and we invite visitors to combine and match itineraries to create the trip of a lifetime through Finot Tour Ethiopia.

Every corner is a destination in itself and visiting the Historical North, the Tribal Cultures of the South and the Muslim East will provide an assorted picture of the great country once known as Abyssinia. You and your friends will start planning the next adventure. And if you are looking for adventure, you will combine a visit to the rugged Simien Mountains, surreal Danakil Depression and the highland plateaus of Tigray’s desert Gheralta Mountain. You will pass through the Awash National Park on your way to the lush forests of the Bale Mountains and flirt with hippos and crocodiles in the Nechisar National Park. Contact Wonders of Ethiopia Tours today to prepare your adventure by airplane, overland or by foot. We work with every client on a personalized basis giving our ears to each and every concern and question. Send us an email and we can begin customizing a tour for you and your family, you and your friends and just you! The wonders await you!

Staff Attitude

Our company has staff members who are courteous, caring and qualified Ethiopian professional team with a great depth of experience of handling small and large groups. The tour operator, driver and guide will determine the success of your tour and this is a fact. The team members are knowledgeable in the field of Tour operation in Ethiopia. With this knowledge in mind, we have a selected team of well trained, experienced and executive tour operators customizing your trip and guides to accompany you, with an extensive knowledge and experience travelling throughout the country. Our guides are multilingual person, helpful and flexible, devotedly working for the practicalities of paper itineraries. Finot Tour Ethiopia guides, drivers, staffs have an intimate knowledge of the country and the local community. The company has a small family atmosphere conducive to offering the very best in personal service.

Tour Vehicles

Finot Tour Ethiopia is well equipped with a range of reliable and insured vehicles and adventurous expedition tours. We are well-equipped with vehicles suitable for Ethiopia's varied climate, road conditions and topography. Finot Tour Ethiopia offers luxury and mid range 4WD Land Cruisers, 4WD mini-buses and coaster buses in excellent condition. Because many overland tours are spent traveling between sites, villages and cities, we have the top-of-the-line vehicles, and cares about the comfort of every visitor. We are also equipped with modern and comfortable camping gear, i.e. tents, sleeping bags and mattresses for trekking tours in the Simien and Bale mountains or camping tours in the Omo valley and Denakil depression.

Complementary Services

As complementary services, Finot Tour Ethiopia provides an outstanding standard car rental service in Ethiopia at mainly competitive rate. Our car hires rate is competitive with a fleet of clean and new vehicles that varies from run-around luxury. Moreover Finot tour Ethiopia prides itself on the experience of providing an excellent car rental service in Ethiopia. Our 4WD vehicles are also ready for any low budget travelers at a very cheap price to make your trip so special.

What is peculiar about us?

We specialize in tailor made (customized tour) to the northern historic and southern people and cultural sites. We also organize tours to the off the beaten track destinations including the Danakil region based on our clients wish or request. Finot Tour Ethiopia is confident that you will find our work and professionalism amongst the best available in the country.

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