Simien Mountain

The Semien mountains are one of Africa’s largest ranges studded with at least a dozen of peaks topping the 4,000m mark. These includes Ras Dashen, 4,543masl, the highest point in Ethiopia and possibly the fourth highest peak in Africa. The semien mountain national park is the only park in Ethiopia registered as world heritage site in 1979.


The stelea to the north of the town, perhaps 2000 years old are early examples of an art form that came in to its own in Ethiopia around the time of the time of the birth of Christ and that flourished until the 4th century A.D although found in all parts of Axum, the obelisk achieve their peak of perfection on a pleasant grassy site near the churches of St. Mary of Zion.


The churches of Lalibela are among the most extraordinary architectural creations of human civilization. Each church is sculpted, both inside and out, directly from the living bedrock of the earth. The churches have certain features in common, but at the same time differ widely from each other.


Gondar was the first capital to unite Ethiopians as an Orthodox nation, changing it from a Catholic nation, under their converted king following help he received from Portuguese. This king abdicated in favour of his son, Fasilledes, who began, in 1632, the castle/palace building. There are at least 6 castles within the defensive wall, built by a succession of kings, over a period of 236 years, so Gondar is called "the Camelot of Ethiopia".

Hamar People

The Hamer live in camps that consist of several related families. The families live in tents arranged in a circle, and the cattle are brought into the center of the camp at night. When the campsite is being set up, beds for the women and young children are built first; then the tent frame is built around it.


The extensive highlands are the largest mountain block in Africa, with about 30 bird specialties confined to this dramatic region. Ethiopia adds up to a truly bird-filled experience in an usual country: it offers numerous endemics, a rich assemblage of montane and arid savanna species and an influx of European and Central Asian migrants. Unrivaled scenery, unique mammals and fascinating cultures enhance the feeling of outlandishness. On our tours we visit a wide range of habitats from mountain peaks and forests to desert plains.

Dallol Depression

Interactions between water and lava at shield volcanoes can cause some eruptions to become hydrovolcanic. These explosive eruptions are drastically different from the usual shield volcanic activity, and are especially prevalent at the waterbound volcanoes of the Hawaiian Isles.


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