North Ethiopia

The land of thirteen months of sunshine

NORTHern Ethiopia

Northern Ethiopia, an open air museum in a magnificent landscape

Most people come to Africa for safari or to see primitive tribes. But, in the north of Ethiopia you will discover a completely different Africa with monuments that speak of an ancient civilization which can be compared with the Greek and Roman civilizations, 17th century castles where kings lived in excessive luxury, playing their political games and also innumerable rock hewn churches, hidden jewels in the rough landscape of Tigray. Many treasures are still hidden under the earth, waiting to be excavated. Many mysteries still have to be unraveled. Who has made the design for the 12 Rock Hewn Churches in Lalibela and what techniques were used to cut out a perfectly shaped church from one single piece of rock? How were the huge Axumite Obelisks erected? Was it really by the power of the ark of the Covenant, as the priests in Axum will tell you? Who has built the temple of the moon in Yeha, more than 2500 years ago and who were their ancestors? Besides that, while travelling through north Ethiopia, the landscape and nature will never be boring. Plain with vivid green Teff, rough and capricious shaped mountains, breathtaking descents and views, rivers in deep gorges and moon-like landscapes pass your eyes. Colorful markets can be visited in different places. In the small coffee houses, you can sample the real Ethiopian coffee and atmosphere or you can visit a restaurant or bar to enjoy traditional music and dance. The hospitable people of Amhara or Tigray will joyfully receive you in their houses as honored guest to taste something of daily life and culture in as an Ethiopian family.

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